Contributions by Droidoc, Jakob Ambrose, and Roland Colt


Ants show a person that they can be aggressive and strong, and work in a community.

White Chip – -Add 2 to any Str roll or Skill involving more than 2 people working together.

Red Chip – The Indian may spend fate chips for a posse member without penalty.

Blue Chip - Your Character take no negative modifiers for called shots.

Legend Chip - Automatically succeeds in any Strength Roll

OATH: Must either stays in a community 75% of the time or lose a level of the edge OR another idea could be: May only use the first 3 choices when directly helping someone else


People with the frog guide are thought to have some healing abilities

White Chip - No movement penalty in water for one Round/Scene

Red Chip -able to heal any light or moderate wound (In another or self?)

Blue Chip- able to heal up to (but not including) critical wounds (In another or Self) Legend Chip - bring back the dead, one time per individual


People that to have the skunk as a spirit guide, are self-confident and charismatic

White Chip -+4 to Persuasion roll when dealing with Indians

Red Chip-+2 to persuasion, leadership, +4 to members of the opposite sex.

Blue Chip - able to "shoot" a musk blast which only does wind damage and incapacitates with failed vigor roll (TN 9)

Legend Chip - On a successful Hard (9) Spirit, roll increase your hero’s guardian spirit Edge by 1